Welcome to Personal Choice Financial. We work with families who enjoy using their finances and talents to achieve a happier, more fulfilling life with the people they care about most. Our clients achieve financial independence through a proactive relationship and understanding of their finances.

Our goal is to help you achieve the life you desire most.

We began in the mid-1990s serving Procter & Gamble employees, retirees, and their families. They have referred loved ones and friends to our services and enabled us to help all types of clients in every stage of life.

Recent College Grad

You just graduated from college, possibly have a mound of student loans and are ready to get on with …


Growing Your Family

You are well into your career and your family is beginning to grow. There are many things that need to be addressed at …


Retiring In a Few Years

You have been busy building your savings through your company plan and are wondering if you are able to retire …


Already Retired

Congratulations, you made it to retirement. Many retired people still have nagging questions that they need answered. We …